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I’m Returning To Tumblr!

I don’t think I have any followers or anything really … but I’m going to try harder to spruce this place up, and network, and all that jazz … so yeah … I’m coming back! And I love looking at those past blogs that showed all of the trouble I had in 2011 … that ish is behind me, and it’s onward and upward in 2012 … that is the theme of this coming new year! Amen!

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The Rain


Cuz I don’t know what you did, but now I feel scared,

Cuz I’m drowning in emotions that I can not bare.

Whenever you leave me, my world goes insane,

So please be my cover when you bring that rain.


As I was watching you watch me,

I missed you taking everything -

My heart, my soul, the air that I breathe.

Now, I need you just to be anything.

Just to be anything at all.

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No Complaints :)

Life is coming out of the bacterial growth lag phase, and entering the log phase, just a little bit :)

My personal life is less emotionally stressed, though I know I need to chill out a little bit on subconsciously attempting to fill a large void … but, I am mingling. When I’m not doing that, I am enjoying the company of my family, friends, and line sisters. I am also indulging into my hobbies more :)

I am working in my lab, going to class, and staying busy during the day.

I am putting everything on the table, and no longer hiding things that cause stress within me.

It’s all cool.

No complaints right now, and I just wanted to make it official with a blurb :)

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The Shoryuken of No Return

You have officially gotten The Shoryuken of No Return.

My ki is centered in the mass of my right fist, and transcends the air as ki is released from my feet.

My body rotates 270 degrees counter-clockwise.

As I make contact with your FACE, every cell is disintegrated due to my ki’s consumption of your proteins.

You will inevitably die a painful death.

You will not be resurrected.

There will be no more Round 2, 3, 4, so on, etc.

Game Over.

I found out about this cheat code after you told me, “Chelsea, do what you have to do.”

And that’s a wrap.

I never go back on my word. That’s my Way of the Ninja.

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A Wound of the Heart

Blood does flow from a wound on the body,

And the wound may appear painful,

But as time passes, the pain naturally disappears.

By using medicine, the healing is even faster.

But what’s dangerous is a wound of the heart.

Nothing has more trouble healing.

A wound on the body and a wound of the heart are slightly different.

Unlike a wound on the body, there is no ointment, and

Sometimes, it doesn’t heal for one’s entire life.

But there is one thing that can cure a wound of the heart.

However, this is a complicated medicine.

It can only be given to you by another person.

The only thing that can cure a wound of the heart …

That is … love.

-Yashamaru, Naruto Episode 77

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I Wrote You A Letter

I Wrote You A Letter

But you’ll never get it.

It was perfectly crafted.

My hand-writing was on point!

But you’ll never see it.

I even spritzed perfume on it.

But you’ll never smell it.

I literally carved out my very heart and transplanted it onto that page.

But you’ll never feel it.

Every ounce of blood that pumped through my veins was attached.

But you’ll never know it.

I drew images from our endless memories on there.

But you’ll never see it.

All of my regrets, and plans to make amends - my desire to fight for you, because I can’t stop loving you and I can’t move on - I laid it all there.

But you’ll never pick it up.

I proposed plans to ensure our happiness, and sketched them onto the letter.

But you’ll never see them.

You’ll never know that I even wrote you this letter SAYING I wrote you a letter.

What’s the point?

I gave you every hint that I was still here.

I wrote that letter to you IN YOUR FACE.

Every line was already presented to you. Why write the same old shit again?

I guess … I was writing for me.

And not giving it to you, was my victory.

Yeah, I wrote you a letter, and I’ll save it for someone better.